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Name: Xenia Kessler

Age: 19

Sail number: D-211

Favourite equip: 4.8 Loco (rigged on a stiff Python mast), or 4.2 legend... or the 3.7... I like to go in different conditions. And then my 90 litres freestyle board.

Favourite discipline: Freeeestyyyleee. I like to work on technical tricks, and I like that there is always something new to learn. To learn a new move after hours of practising really gives me a kick! I like it so much!

Favourite move: I like to mix the moves, but to do a clew first spock 540 (or a flaka) feels great :)

Favourite spot national and international: My favorite spot is Sorobon. It's a perfect place for freestyle, and I love the spirit there. There is always someone to go surf with, people are pushing the limits of freestyle and the wind blows for a good powered 4.8 most of the time. In Denmark I enjoy my home spot Skæring, or Alrø, a lot. There is a really good atmosphere on the water and on land, and we go surf a lot of friends together. I've had so many good sessions here! For waves we have Hanstholm, that can be really really good for waveride.

Best day windsurfing: Luckily I cannot pick just one :) - There has been a lot! But a really good could be like this... I wake up early early because I can hear the wind blow outside. Then I go for a big power breakfast together with the others that are going on the water. Me and my sister turns up the music, and go to the spot, where I see white caps and a bit of sunshine. On the water I land a new trick I have been training a lot.... and we keep sailing for hours and hours ....that's a really good day!!

When it is not windy: I like to keep me busy with something else. I like challenges, and sport a lot, like snowboarding, soccer, skateboarding and so. I'm also into creative stuff, and off course I like to spend time with my family and friends too. They mean a lot to me.

And...Go for it, have fun, and keep on trying untill you get where you wanna be. if you can dream it, you can do it.

#1st Danish Freestyle Championships (Women)
#1st overall DBO wave/freestyle ranking (women)
#3rd DBO wave DM Klitmøller (Women)
#1st King of the Fjord (Princess of the fjord) [freestyle stævne]
#1st Viking of the Fjord (Women) [freestyle stævne]
#1st DBO wave/freestyle rangliste Klitmøller Juni 08 (Women)

#1st King of the Fjord (Princess of the fjord) [freestyle stævne]
#3rd DBO wave rangliste stævne i Hvide Sande (Women)
#4th DM07 wave women class DBO
#4th overall ranking women wave DBO

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